A wild a crazy class design

So i was having a think about druid last night and it’s bothered me for a while that there are 4 specs. and i had a thought to whittle it down to just 3.
the short version is “just get rid of feral” the longer version is to make catform more important for guardian and resto as a means to quest and do damage when the tankness of bear or the healyness of caster forms were not needed. and roll in most of the more high end dps goodies into balance, and make balance a class more similar to FF14’s redmage. blast away at ranged for a bit, then pounce in as cat and melee for a bit. rinse and repeat. maybe have talents to make the cycle lean more to one side or the other, but ultimately balance could be about the balance between the astral and the natural, something like that anyway.


This can easily be achieved without getting rid of Feral for some totally unrelated reason.

Both existing Moonkin and Feral players would hate this. No.


I don’t think get rid of a spec is a good idea, that’s a waste of effort for the dev team. But I like the idea that you need to shape shift to do dmg. The new DF talent furor is a great thing, I think if druid can’t stay in one form forever and you have to return to caster would be more fun and more close to the background of druid.

All terrible ideas.


I’m not into any of this sadly. Sorry man. Hard pass for me.

how is it possible to be this wrong in a single post