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PSA | Whitemane | Alliance

Raid Schedule:
Clearing all 40m content in less than 2 hours Tues @7:30pm ST
With ZG clears on Thurs & Sun @7:30pm
Will be adding AQ 20 & 40 to the schedule once they release
Our raid days are Tues, Thurs & Sun

About us:
The core of our guild is formed of friends who have been playing together across multiple private servers for years. We have fully cleared through Naxx several times including in original retail prior to TBC release. In addition to extensive PVE and PVP experience within classic, the majority of our guild members average more than a decade of wow experience.

We will utilize an open Loot Council system. Attendance, performance, and guild contribution are including in making these decisions. The officers take input from the raiders to ensure all members feel a part of the system.

What we are looking for:
• All classes to fill out our core. We expect you to know your class.
• We seek new members to enhance our community. Players should enjoy the time we spend playing together in raids, pvp or just messing around in chat.
• Players are expected to maintain an attendance level of 90%.

Please message for additional information.