[A] Whitemane <Nostalgia> 9/9 AQ, 8/8 BWL Semi-hard core Tues/Thurs 7-11pm PST! LFM core raiders!

Alliance 9/9 AQ, 8/8 BWL is looking for more members to fill out our roster of core raiders. We are a tight nit community of classic wow enthusiast. We are a semi-hardcore guild focused on clearing all end game content as it’s released. We have an active community of members willing to help each other out farming pre-bis, consumes, mats ect. We raid every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm-11pm PST. Our current class needs are as follows:

Tanks - Low (1)
DPS warriors - Low (1)
Mages - Low (1-2)
Holy Paladin - Low (1)
Warlocks - Low (1)
Rogues - Medium (1)
Priests - Low (1)
Hunters - Full
Resto Druid - High (1-2)

Excellent applicants please inquire with myself or any of the officers on discord or in game.

Discord info:
h t t p s://discord.gg/yBbu9MA (Join do an @officer in severchat) And one of us will be in touch ASAP.

Proboda#6259 - Noxxion or Papanoxx (In game) Guild lead
PotatoCannon#5034 - Potatocannon(In game) Officer - Imajerk (Alt)
Jessimanjaro#8630 - Flowzero (In game) Officer
Paralax145#1446 - Asho (In game) Officer

Thank you for your time looking forward to hearing from you soon =)

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True classic experience, in the best ways!

bumps, could use 1 more healer! Or dps I suppose

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Great Home Guild here :slight_smile:

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Are you still needing a lock?

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We had some people who had to leave for real life reasons and we could use sociable fun players still! Looking for about 1-2 more peeps

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best guild. you will not regret. :100:

we’ve been slaying monsters and dragons since phase 1, come join us for Naxx!

We should still have room for 1 or two more!

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