[A] Whitemane - <Lions Share> PvP / Semi-Hardcore PvE 10/10 [2 Raids]


Lion’s Share #1

Here is a bump for my lions, lets share.

Lions Share recruiting ALL GAMERS FOR TBC.

Original post has been updated with classes / specs of interest

Lion’s Share wants YOU today!

C’mon down to Whitemane and meet some friends of mine!

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Commander Spurg reporting for duty! Who will join my fight?

Lions Share#1. An amazing guild to be a part of. Active pvp and pve daily. Lots of arena and bgs as well as dungeons. A great home with a great team.

bring up my post

bump it up

lions share bis guild on whitemane

day 1 guild, already planning to pump WoTLK

Looking to fill out our raid 2 with some more pumpers.

absolute legends in this guild

Any gamers?