[A] Whitemane - <Lions Share> PvP / Semi-Hardcore PvE 10/10 [2 Raids]

Lion’s Share[A] [NA-PvP-Whitemane] Hardcore PvP / Semi-Hardcore PvE | Loot Council [2 Raids]

Raid 1: Tues/Wed @ 6:30PM - 10:30 PM PST
Raid 2: Thurs/Fri @ 6:30PM - 10:30 PM PST


* Week 1 TBC raid clear of T4 & T5 content,
* Leadership has TBC & Naxx experience from Vanilla and raided in some of the top US guilds. (War Front, Vicious Cycle, Dues Vox, and Kinetic to name a few)
* 15/15 Naxx week 1 with full clears in one night. #3 guild on Whitemane and top 200 world to kill Kel'Thuzad.
* #1 NA Alliance AB team in the Blizzard sponsored tournament. We’re PvPers with a server reputation known to be #1, actively WPvP, BGs, Arena, etc...


* Min/max your class. No hand holding here. 
* Guild first mentality.
* Leave your ego at the door.
* Be competitive.
* Be reliable and prepared for raid with all necessary consumables and knowledge of the fights/mechanics.


All Shaman Specs - High
Ret Pally - High
Moonkin - Medium 
Warlock - Medium
Hunter - Medium
Resto Druid - High
Priest (All Spec) - Medium
Mage - High
Rogue - None
Warrior (Arms) - Low
Feral Tank - Medium
**Exceptional gamers and PvPers are always welcomed!**


* Raid attendance.
* Raid performance & preparation.
* Actively playing the game outside of raids.
* Helping the guild and it's members. 
* Your personal attitude.

Fill out the application in our discord and DM an officer with any questions.

Discord invite code “cU5mAFrVtM”

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War Front #1

I rerolled here at the start of BWL to play with this guild, was literally the best decision I’ve ever made.

Recap highlight reel:
1322 BG wins to Rank 12, only 8 losses. About 15 players who are rank 12-14.

We kill world bosses, most people have their BIS items off of world bosses.

We completed AQ40 in 1.5 hours on our second week in there, soon it’ll be under an hour.

Several of our players are world ranked DPS and our guild is a top 50 North American guild. (We’re pretty casual compared to most guilds in this range, no split raid requirements.)

We make roaming PvP groups on the daily just to give horde a taste of phase 2.

A lot of our players are TBC (and Beyond) rank 1 Gadiators and Gladiators.

C’mon down to Whitemane and join this fun guild!

Come join the Lions Share community! While we are focusing on Classic at the moment, we enjoy playing all types of games together! Most of the core have been friends since Vanilla/TBC while maintaining high end arena and PvE achievements throughout our time playing together.

Semi-sweaty guild means we prep for raids, pump and get out, no mandatory split runs! We PvP every night! #2 Speed #2 Execution on Whitemane - #1 and #2 Server Boss DPS #1 and #3 Overall DPS, A GM who dedicates his life to TSLA and a core of like minded friends who want to pump and pwn.


We’ve opened up recruitment!
Lions Share #1

Bump. Lions Share #1

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Still looking for exceptional players!

Hey Lions! Looking for a casual guild to see some of the things I missed first time around. Plus in TBC I really liked being the swing bear tank who shifted to cat when his boss was dead. Your times work for me, but I’d be rerolling from scratch. Since I’m rerolling I’m pretty open to class/spec, but typically I play shaman, priest, or druid. Got room for me?

Sorry bud, we’re not looking for a fresh reroll right now. The reroll would be a shaman in & if TBC-Classic is released. We’re not much of a casual guild, but we do have casual ranks for those that are and we’re still recruiting exceptional players!

Are you full on locks heading into Naxx?

Still seeking some awesome priests! I know you want to clear content easily without much of an impact to your consumes bankroll!

really good guild. Strong core that played together for many years

Lions Share took me in after my dad kicked me out. They have been an all inclusive and honestly the best family towards me. All of my new uncles have been the most fun to play with on classic and even slungshot me into getting a thunderfury on my warrior alt. Thank you Lions Share, youre number 1

Lions Share is <3

Lions Share has open recruitment for TBC PUMPERS. We’re going harder than we did in classic.

Lions Share has had the same core of 35+ raiders since week 1 of classic. We are more than a collection of sweaty nerds. We are a pride.

#1 alliance in the ab tourney. Consistant solid performance in pve. Raids balanced perfectly between parse eroticism and lols. We are looking for people who take the game seriously, but themselves less so.


Are you an Apex Predator that longs for a home at the top of the food chain? Then look no further, our pride grows stronger everyday! From Organized PvP domination to unforgettable PvE experiences, Lions Share continues to carve a legacy unparalleled.

Are you guys moving to TBC?

Our TBC raid days are finalized! Apply today!