[a] (whitemane) <energy> guild pre recruiting for tbc (usa mst)


We are pre recruiting for TBC. Leadership has existed from TBC - MOP and with several runs on TBC private servers. We have always achieved 100% end game content clear with a focus on being laid back without discord raging/drama.

5 10 man raid teams/2 25 mans with a solid 60 raid core. Looking for mature players 21+ aiming for a calm and fun environment. Will be running a 8 Man council, Guild Master, Assistant GM, Loot Master, and 5 Officers.

Tuesday/Thursday 6:30 PM ST start, 6:00 PM ST invite! Will use Wed as an alternate time run for cleanup and alts!

2 Prot Warrior 1 Tank Druid!
Looking for players who have already achieved end game classic content and gear in BWL/AQ40/Naxx who will be ready to hit the ground running with immediate dungeons with kara raids within 1 month time.

Feel free to add and message me with any further questions! Currently farming ONY/MC/BWL until TBC!

discord.gg/Kb8FGccz5t Meelina#2887