[A] [Whisperwind] <Volatile> 11/12M, 7-10PM CST Wednesday/Thursday

Saturday evening bump!

bumpity bump bump.

Sunday Bump :slight_smile:

Sunday Bump??? More like… Monday Bump!

Monday morning/why were you up that late (or early) Pode bump!

Can’t let Arctic get all the bumps :open_mouth: Gotta get me some

Waiting for the end of work day bump!

Monday night football bump :open_mouth:

bumpasaurous rex

need coffee bump!

Lunch bump

Reset day bump

Pre-raid night bump

Raid day bump! :slight_smile:

Bump bump pow

Raid night bump :slight_smile:

Thursday bump!

pre raid bump

Post raid bump!

N’zoth 19% Hype! :open_mouth: