[A] [Westfall] <The Red Legion> | Tue/Wed 8:30-11pm EST | Looking for core raiders to fill raid team

The Red Legion - US Alliance (PVE) on server Westfall is currently recruiting for Classic Raiding

** CLASS NEEDS AS OF Apr 23rd 2020 **

  • Healers - 3 Holy Paladins
  • DPS - 2 Warlocks


The core raid group of 15+ members are all transfers from another server who has been clearing Ony, MC & BWL. We transferred in on after Mar 23rd. Many members with experience including raid leaders, main tanks, etc… who has done all the content.

We have been an online gaming community for over 20 years and has come back to World of Warcraft classic joining in with new members since the return of WoW Classic.

We plan on continuous progression of raids of MC & BWL and beyond as content comes out.


Our current raid days are set to Tuesday & Wednesday for 8:30-11:30PM EST for 40man raid content.

20man content we will either pug or handle on off days.

We expect members to all have a threat meter addon and other addons discussed in discord, use discord for our voice chat communication and ability to handle constructive criticism and be a team player.

We are looking for stability for all our members as much as possible.


Please contact one of us on Discord: DrakoWolf#3920 , iStateOfTrance#7760 (Send a friend request and we can start the process) otherwise we recommend to reach us in game on the following characters:

DrakoWolf - Guild Leader
Legobricks - Officer
Nehara - Recruiter
We look forward to hearing from you!

The Red Legion - Guild Leader