(A) Westfall - Shady Acres | Guild for Older Players - Recruting!

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of raiding? Do you feel like you’re the oldest person in your guild and you can’t relate to anyone? Do you just want to play and enjoy the game in a cozy smaller guild?

Hello! Shady Acres is a brand new WoW guild founded on 3.18.23 on the Westfall sever for older players who just want to relax and enjoy the game with other older players.

We are not a raiding guild!

We are working professionals, parents and even grandparents. We do not raid, but we love to socialize, do crafting, quest and piddle around, and help each other as much as possible.

Please whisper anyone in the guild for your ticket to Shady Acres!

Our Discord —> discord.gg/ZBCxqnZY6d

Minorah#6838 (on Discord)


Sounds perfect! I will look you up next time I am online.

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Great! I am typically online in the evenings after work!

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I’m interested. Made a new character on the server - Moridin.


Hi Opochtli/Moridin, so nice to meet you! I am home around 5-6 PM EST daily, however if you see anyone online shoot them a message, as everyone in this guild can invite other players!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Great guild full of great people. We have had a lot of people join this past weekend, but there is room for more!

Bingo and Canasta every Tuesday, leave your walkers at the door :slight_smile:


We now have a good group of people, all levels, many lower levels. We are happy to add more if you need a casual guild home.

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Feel free to join us. We just replenished the bowl of Werther’s Originals.

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I know you don’t raid but do you run heroic dungeons as a guild?

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Right now we mostly have lower level characters, but I would personally do them if anyone was interested in normal heroics.

Still plenty of room for more folks. We are very active and have a great group of people, come join us!

Lots of lower level characters as well. Roll a new character and come on over.

Just Created a Character on WestFall server. Name is KoreKode(Core, Code) Human Warrior. I’ll take an invite.


Hi Korkode, I think we may have missed you, message any of us and we can get you in!

Do you ever do old raids for fun like MC, BWL etc? That seems like it would be alot of fun and not toooo hard at lvl 80 lol

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Hi Fendazar - we’re only a couple of weeks old so haven’t done much as a group yet. Right now it seems most people are playing low level characters, not a lot of 80’s (yet). But I do agree that sounds like fun.

Looks like a great time, would a healer be needed for dungeons and old raids or DPS?

Sure! Right now a bunch of us have low level characters, so there’s not a lot of dungeons happening. I imagine later on, though.

ok nice, I will make a new toon and reach out in game :slight_smile:

Perfect! Just search Shady Acres, eveyrone in the guild can invite :slight_smile:

We still have room for more. Come join the fun!

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