[A] Westfall <Knights of Wrath> Recruiting Rdps 10&25M 13/14

Knights Of Wrath


10M - 2 core groups

25M- Tues/Thur 7:30p-10:30p

Loot System: Loot Council


Our leadership has raided together across many different expansions in both retail/classic. We are a Semi Hardcore raiding guild, our goal as a guild Is to Kill bosses and clear content (Normal/Hard/Heroic) in an efficient manner while having fun doing so! For phase 2 we are currently 13/14 in 10 & 25M.


We understand that real life can and will inevitably happen! We just ask that if you sign up that you do your best to show up! If something happens that may/will prevent you, communicate it and we can all plan accordingly!

You will be expected to be at the raid location 10 minutes prior to raid with appropriate consumes, Gems and enchants.

Research and know all Boss encounter prior to raid as well as your role in that encounter

Knowledge of your class and its roles in the raid.

Appropriate professions to maximize your contributions to the raid environment.

Maintain a positive attitude, be drama free!


Range DPS

Druid, Boomi (High prio)

All Range will be considered

More information contact

Discord: Shadowholy#7204