[A] West AUS / NZ Friendly Yojamba Guild

Did you fall for the Felstriker meme? Dead sever blues got you down? Then please consider moving to Yojamaba.

With the introduction of paid transfers, Death and Taxes of Yojamba would like to be the first to welcome you!

We are well positioned on the server and offer convenient raid times for players all over. We always clear in under two hours and have big ambitions for BWL. Enjoy round the clock PvP and experience organized BGs, run by former rank 14 players!

We are looking for exceptional players for the following raid times. Warlocks are especially desired.

Wednesday 7:30 AEST
Wednesday 9:30 AEST

For further details about our guild, or the server in general, you may contact Bano#1147 on the Classic WoW Oceania Discord. Or simply contact me in game!

Thank you very much for your consideration

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