[A] Warlock - Kelthuzad - LF Guild w/ Tues/Wed Raid Times OR LATE night raid times


Basically… just coming back after not really playing much* since WotLK.

  • == Casually for some expansions but skipping most.

Old-skewl Progress:
All Raid content up to Spider Wing in Naxx in Vanilla.
All Raid content up to Sunwell in BC.
Most Raid content in WotLK but guild disbanded before Ice Crown dropped :frowning:

Looking for a social guild (people to chum and run content with) on Kel’Thuzad. I don’t mind if the guild is currently doing progression heroic raiding or mythic content, I’m just looking to get my feet wet starting with M+ groups and get reacquainted with the game. : )

Adult / Respectful / Know how to play my role.