[A] <Vindicatum> 8/9M BoD US 46 LF Exceptional Tank and DPS


Still looking for a few more players.

(Lupp) #22

LF 2-3 strong DPS!


Still looking for a few more players.

(Lupp) #24

Wouldn’t say no to a strong Demon Hunter or Ret Paladin


Please give us some friends to play with, we love ret paladins, demon hunters, mages and boomkins!

(Lupp) #26

Bomkin pls


I would enjoy having another boomkin yes please.


What classes are you looking for at the moment?


We are currently looking for any exceptional dps/healer players that are interested in raiding at a high level!

If you think you have what it takes, feel free to add the OP and or apply at ’
‘Vindicatum. com’

(Lupp) #30

Healer, Bomkin, Ret sounds good to me


Healers, and boomkins and even RETS.

Please give Lupp these classes


Want more ppl


Last week before Heroic Dazar comes out!

(Lupp) #34

BoD soon come join us!


lupp is the best :3

(Lupp) #36

Would love to add a boomkin spriest and Hpal to our roster


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(Lupp) #39

Would love another rogue, boomkin, and shadow priest!


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Come DPS with us!