[A] <Vindicatum> 8/9M BoD US 46 LF Exceptional Tank and DPS

(Lupp) #1

Vindicatum - 8/9M Battle for Dazar’alor | Icecrown Alliance

Battle of Dazar’alor Pull Count

Champion of the Light - 1
Jadefire Masters - 5
Grong, the Revenant - 9
Opulence - 21
Conclave of the Chosen - 16
King Rastakhan - 14
Mekkatorque - 18
Stormwall Blockade- 53

NO Split runs
NO Alts required
NO Extended raid times
NO Additional raid days


MUST be capable of maintaining 2-3 tanks and 100% attendance
Shadow Priest
Balance Druid
Ele Shaman
Ret Paladin
Havoc DH
WW Monk
Enhance Shaman
Any DPS with exceptional logs and raiding experience are always in consideration

3-days a week - 10.75hrs EST

Sunday - 8:00pm - 12:15am EST
Monday - 9:00pm - 12:15am EST
Wednesday - 9:00pm - 12:15am EST


Recruitment: Lup#11167 (BNET) | Website: http://vindicatum.com | Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/icecrown/Vindicatum

Vindicatum Highlights

• Friendly and mature environment. We are an adult oriented guild with a member base comprised of college students and working professionals. Drama/raging is not tolerated and mutual respect is expected from everyone.
• A long term guild with history behind it. Our guild has maintained a strong raid team since late 2006 with consistent leadership and low member turnover. We are more than just a guild, we are a community.
• We raid 3 nights a week, 10.75 hours per week. We never go over the above listed times. Once the tier is cleared, you can expect to raid dramatically less, many times 1 day a week.
• Progression based loot council system. We are committed to a system that is both ethical and equitable while helping us to achieve our goals. No DKP counting or fighting guild members in bid wars.

Past achievements

Uldir - US 46 (133 pulls)
Antorus, the Burning Throne - US 66 (346 pulls, Christmas :slight_smile: )
Tomb of Sargeras - US 31 (223 pulls)
The Nighthold - US 37 (165 pulls)
Trial of Valor - US 38 (278 pulls)
Emerald Nightmare - US 46 (11 pulls)


i hate u lupp

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ty lol lf strong dps


i hate u lupp

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ty always considering strong players


good luck lupp

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ty serifos we are in big need of a strong rogue or melee dps



ten char

(Lupp) #9

Thx for the bump man we have room on our roster for one more DPS, preferably melee, and even more preferably a rogue or DH, but all exceptional DPS are considered!


Come join the guild

(Twobeers) #11

Bump for my Vindi buddies <3

(Lupp) #12

Thanks Twobeers! We’re now looking to fill a ranged DPS and healer spot


Are you guys still looking for a ranged dps? Boomkin dps here with mythic raiding experience. I’ve been trying to find a guild to join to raid in; i’m willing to server transfer if needed. If you guys are still looking for ranged dps, i’d love to talk to someone as i have a few questions. Thanks in advanced.

If im not around to reply to this post, here’s my battletag: Graverage#1819

(Lupp) #14

Looking for a strong healer and a strong RDPS to join our ranks :slight_smile: Merry Christmas everyone!

(Chickenism) #15

vara best not-girl girl queen


Always on the lookout for those strong ranged dps to join our roster, come be friends with us!


Any chance you’re still looking for a warlock for core raid spot?

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happy new year everybody!!


Still looking for a few more players.


Bring me the boomkins and the mages.