[A] *vengeance* | 5/8M | T & TH | 8 -11PM EST | LF DPS

|A| :heart: Vengeance :heart: [ sargeras ] |5/8M|
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8 - 11 PM EST. Now recruiting for 8.3 performance based spots.

Currently we are looking to add the following for performance based core positions for the upcoming 8.3 patch.

RANGE DPS with preference towards;;

  1. Warlock -

MELEE DPS with preference towards;;

  1. Rogue -

However we are always looking for any exceptional players that may not be listed.

During our off nights, we run M+, heroic EP, pvp arenas and classic. We are also expanding on the idea of creating a 2nd raid group for AOTC.

We are a helpful guild that analyzes logs after every raid night to see what we can do as a guild to improve.

Please NO DRAMA - we are a very relax group of people who enjoy the game, we like to have fun and progress - we enjoy listening to music while doing trash, gamble while waiting / during breaks. We are just happy gamer’s who enjoy the game despite all of its flaws.

If you would like to find out more, see what we are all about. Please dont hesitate to add me via bnet.


GOOD MORNING ! we are looking for some hard focus range DPS to kill queen !!

Prime Time Bump

Still looking for some lock love or mage :slight_smile:

10 Character Bump


looking for that sweet range class to kill QC!

hello, wtb lock?

Early Morning bump

Still looking, we’ll be clearing heroic for fun on sunday

ITS TUESDAY! ! , still looking for that sweet range player

super close to killing QC, come get the kill. Join a strong team as we build towards 8.3!

Hello, its cold outside, getting ready for that big day!

trying to kill QC tonight ! still looking for that sweet player

cant update via phone for a weird reason but! no longer looking for a mage. looking for a warlock and rogue !

Updated for 8.3! looking to trial people for performance based positions

omg its almost Christmas! how about joining a stable guild, we are still looking !

Holiday Bump!

pre xmas bump !!

looking for that lock