[A] Velocity 5/9M -- MYTHIC Morning/Daytime Guild ⚡

(Starby) #1

To apply: goo.gl/forms/YbKQRIcEyXt0XAaC2

Hello! This is Starby from Velocity on Sargeras[A]. We’re an established guild that does Mythic raiding in the morning/daytime. We’re seeking reliable, skilled players (mainly DPS and healers, but looking at any good additions). Casuals, alts/boosts, and M+ pushers are welcomed, too!

The goal of Velocity is to take down mythic bosses and have fun in the process. We’re searching for like-minded individuals who are interested in playing at a high level in a laid-back environment. If you can joke around, then focus up when you need to; this is the guild for you.

Our main roster is composed of veteran players. Some of us have been playing together for a little over a year. We have a solid core for our dream team – we’re simply looking for a few more to round us out!

Battle of Dazar’alor Mythic kill videos!!! (credit: Menel, a god amongst mere mortals) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL57fSazON2GDb4dluo7kBOTFI3IBFYgbH

[A] <Velocity> 5/9M, 9/9H -- 7/8M, 10/11M
Raid Times: 10am-1pm CST | Tues/Wed/Thurs

Recruitment Needs
RangedShadow Priest:exclamation:, Boomkin, Warlock, Mage
Melee – Ret Paladin, Demon Hunter
Healer – Holy or Disc Priest, Resto Shaman :exclamation:

Note: We will always consider all classes/specs/roles. Above is what were low on.

Some Mythic raiding experienced. Being relatively active outside of raid is preferred. Able to focus while joking around, and vice versa.

Consistency, reliability and communication.
We’re dedicated and ambitious players, so commitment to our raid times is necessary. We’re interested in consistent players who are realistic about their day-to-day schedule. Raiders have to communicate in the event of tardiness or absences. Schedules change, things come up and real life always comes first. All we ask for is a heads up!

Trial Period
Demonstrate teamwork, attendance and play over 9 consecutive “raid days” (three weeks), after an agreed upon start date.

What you can expect from us:
Dedicated leadership, communication, well defined goals, and a sense of community. Apart from raiding we also run M+ with each other every week. We also supply food and flasks for raids.

What we expect from you:
Players who can survive and react to mechanics, while putting up big numbers. Many players struggle to do one, we are looking for both. Apart from this, just be friendly! It might also be a good idea to bring a sense of humor.

If we sound like a good fit, let us know! Go ahead and apply online, leave a reply here and/or send us a tell on BNET/Discord. You could also go old school and send in-game mail to Starby-Sargeras or Foxshine-Sargeras!

To apply: goo.gl/forms/YbKQRIcEyXt0XAaC2

Thanks for checking us out and we hope to see you in gchat soon. =)

Fox#1713 (GM)

376 Windwalker Monk LFG - LATE NIGHT or DAY TIME
LF morning mythic guild
[H] 3/9M - 412 ilvl Spriest
377 DH/371 BM Hunter looking for morning hardcore raid guild
5/9M Shadow Priest with CE exp lf daytime CE guild
404 Disc/Shadow Priest
402 Balance druid LF late night or morning
408 Ele/Resto Shaman lf Daytime raiding guild
Balance druid and outlaw LF Morning guild
411 Spriest LF Daytime Or Late Night Raiding
5/9M Shadow Priest with CE exp lf daytime CE guild
3/9m 405 Ele shaman/resto ospec lf raiding guild
4/9m - 410 Holy/Disc Priest LF Mythic Guild
410 Lock 4/9M lf guild
402IL Holy 403IL Shadow priest LF Mythic guild
405 Spriest LF Prog-Guild
407 Holy Priest 2/9M LF guild
402 Balance/Resto druid LF late night
9/9h 1/9m CE priest lf late night
8/8m CE raider LF Morning Guild
6/8M 3 dps and 2 healers LF GUILD
386 Mage Looking
385 HDH or 387 BDK LF day time or late night guild
386 ilvl Wind (no longer looking) Walker / Mistweaver looking for guild next tier
7/8M Exceptional player. ISO competitive team
376 Unholy Dk LF guild
7/8 M 385 Havoc DH LFG
388 Havoc DH Looking for CE guild
386 Mage LF guild (6/8m+)
[H] 6/8M. 387 Disc/Shadow Priest, 383 Holy/Ret Paladin LF CE Push
384 Havoc DH 7/8M exp
6/8M Frost/Unholy DK LF Guild [A or H]
LFG 7/8m xp brew/ww with ghuun prog
408 Frost Mage 9/9 H 1/9 M LF Mythic Guild
386 7/8M Hunter LF Mythic raiding guild
406 Havoc DH - 3/9 M
[A]409ilvl disc lf mythic progress guild!
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