(A) <Vanquish> : New Re-Roll/ Leveling Guild

Hi All!

is Heartseeker’s newest guild (probably), we were founded on July 10th. We’re a new Re-Roll guild looking for mature players to join us on the journey. At end game we have aspirations for Raiding.

So, if you’ve been considering rolling to a new class or starting an Alliance toon on a new server, we’d love for you to join us. So far, we’re off to a strong start and it’s the perfect time to come aboard.


  • This is an opportunity to Re-Roll to that Class you wished you played without needing to play catch-up down the road. You also have the opportunity to be an Original member and part of our Core Raid Group. You will progress with us from start to finish.
  • This is also an opportunity to get the true “Classic Raiding experience”. Rather than get carried through Raids that Guilds have on Farm, you can be a part of Guild First Kills.
  • Have an opportunity to level with and build relationships with other players along the way.

What will Raiding Be like?

  • It’s early to say for sure. I wanted to put this in for how i envision loot being distributed. I envision an DKP loot system. This is important because individuals joining us as “Re-Rolls” will be awarded DKP upon achieving level 60. Additionally, Tanks and Healers will be eligible for a one time DKP bonus at level 60. The reason for this is to reward players who join us for the adventure from 1-60. Amounts of each award will be determined by Officers at a later date.

How to Join:
All you need to do is whisper any member of the guild for an invite. My toons are Varinn and Varn.

What Class Should I play?
You Should play the Class that most interests you. We don’t have particular needs at this time. I’m always of the belief that you should roll a class based off of interest, not need.

Are Transfers Allowed?
Certainly, We would welcome transfers to join the guild. Just remember that this is early stage, so it will take some time before raiding begins.

Here’s to a fresh start!

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We have over 90 members now, and there is plenty of time to come and join us! About half of the guild is under level 20, and some members are even talking about rerolling on account of being unhappy with their names or their auto-attacks :smile:

Guild Deadmines run tonight, very exciting! Come by and say hello, we are still months from raiding!

Up to 150 Members! Great community and very active- come join us today!

moved my character over, waiting for invite! Shoot me one whenever you log in