[A] <Utopia> Weekend AM Raiding 3/9M Uldir

(Faeline) #1

<Utopia> Aman’thul US-Oceanic
LF Ranged DPS (Moonkin/Shadow Priest/Mage/Warlock) and Healers!

About Us
Our guild consists of working professionals mainly from Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, the Philippines , Korea and Japan. As such, we understand the importance of RL commitments like work and family. We raid Saturday and Sunday, 0800AM-1100AM GMT+8.

Legion Tier Progress:
7/7M Emerald Nightmare
3/3H Trial of Valor
9/10M Nighthold
6/9M Tomb of Sargeras
11/11M Antorus, the Burning Throne

What you can expect from us:
Progression at a steady pace
Guild sponsored repairs and consumables
A friendly and sociable atmosphere (We do not tolerate any form of hate speech)
A possibly spammy Whatsapp & Discord (/g on the go!)
Alarm Clock services to help you wake up on time for raid
…and lots of other fun stuff like dying together in Overwatch or carrying one another in Diablo 3 and HotS!

Who we are looking for:
Wants to raid on weekend mornings
Mature players who are ok with critiques and are willing to learn
Players who take the time to understand their class as well as the basic knowledge of mechanics
Interested new raiders are also welcome to join!

How to Contact Us
Guild Site - https://utopia-guild.net/
Recruitment Officers - Sanmeow / Faeline
Battle Tag - faeline#1934
Discord - faeline#6203


Hello, I’ve recently returned to playing my Hunter and was wondering whether you would be interested in recruiting a Hunter once i’m level 120?