[A] [US] Proudmoore-4/10M- LF DPS

big time need for strong healer

Disolve did anyone get with you? I did not get a request

inerva dead

sent again.

looking for more

We need a great healer!

Holy paladin would be the most lit


We Need a Holy Paladin, Ranged DPS, Healer (Full on Druids)

Also Can contact me as well Stabbyfists#1351 and I will help facilitate an interview.

healers where you at !

Still need a Holy Paladin and DPS

new raid week begins

Bumpatiy bump bump - Need Holy Paladins, Healers (Except druids) and caster DPS (Can include Druids) - Please contact us.

Raid timee

Pumping up the bumping

Need Holy Paladin - Priests - Ranged DPS - Maybe even a Druid Healer

Contact us for fun times

I’ve recently switched to a Restoration Druid, is this guild still recruiting? oh I’m also a new player to the game.

we are ! add a battletag and get in touch

Bumping it up

hope everyone had a good weekend

I sure did, but the week would be better if we could get a Healer and a Ranged dps!

Raid night tonight