[A][US][LFG][Runetotem/Uther]<Guardian Druid ilvl 400+ / Fury Warrior ilvl 400+> Looking for Guild


Good afternoon, my buddies and I are looking for a guild. We are currently on Runetotem/Uther. We are looking for a guild that is focused on content. Mythic + Dungeons, Raiding, PvP, either you are just starting out and needs some slots filled or your established and need more for your team. We learn fast, play hard, have mics, learn or know mechanics. Our available raid times are Sunday Evening 9:00pm EST / Monday Evening 9:00pm / Wednesday Evening 9:00pm EST. Please feel free to contact me by responding to this post or in game Battletag Surly85#1795 I’ll respond to messages fairly quick.

Thank you for your time.