[a] [us-dalaran] 7/8 H - LF Healers

(Theurgy) #1

Guild : Exotic Raid Plan - US Dalaran
Faction : Alliance
Progression Raid Days
Tue, Wed, Thur 8:00 -10:30 EST
Optional Heroic Night Fri 8pm est
Cleared : 8/9 M BoD - 2/2 H CoS

Looking for some healers for main team, disc priest wanted!! Also need some healers to help with split heroic runs etc for weekend. DPS OS is preferred.

Exotic Raid Plan was formed during WoD and has thrived and grown. We are a group of friends that enjoys playing together. We welcome new players and promote a mature guild and raiding environment. No toxic behavior or attitudes. We primarily focus on mythic raiding, but enjoy M+ and some pvp

We offer a weekly heroic clear for the more casual raider. However, we do require these players to perform at an acceptable skill level with knowledge of the encounters.

We are currently recruiting experienced mythic raiders for trial. If you enjoy raiding, researching your class/spec for optimal performance and preparing for new tier raids by thoroughly researching new encounters then we are the guild for you.


Theurgy - SeanOTG#1396
Discord - Theurgy#9756

Warrior/mage LFG 8/9m exp
412 Destruction Warlock looking for Weekend Alliance mythic guild
396 Mythic Experienced Hunter LF raiding guild
Blood DK looking for mythic raiding guild
Chill Bear Tank looking for a guild that raids Wednesdays and/or Thursdays

Still looking for a few more dps!

(Theurgy) #3

We are still looking for a few more dps for the new raid !


Still looking for dps

(Theurgy) #5

Looking for a new Holy priest


Any Hpriests out there ?


sent real id

(Theurgy) #8

any dps out there?


Looking for dps

(Theurgy) #10

looking for any good dps plus to being a shadow priest ;p


Looking for more dps

(Theurgy) #12

Needs some more dps


Need main tank w/ mythic exp

(Theurgy) #14

Need main tank w/ mythic exp


Still looking for main tank and a few more DPS

(Theurgy) #16

Still looking for tanks and dps


tanks and dps where you at?

(Theurgy) #18

Still looking for a few DPS


Looking for DK, DH, Mage

(Theurgy) #20

need a dk dh and mage to round out the group