(A) <UNlTY> Afternoon Raiding Guild

UNlTY is an established and actively recruiting raiding guild.

UNlTY was created for raiders who are unable to commit to primetime raiding. If you are an early first shift worker, student, retiree, or rather just raid earlier in the day…this is the place for you.

We are currently clearing MC 10/10 and Onyxia 1/1 on Tuesdays (1PM-4PM Server) OR 4PM-7PM EST. A second raid day will be added for the release of Blackwing Lair. Raid day 2 will be the same time but, on Wednesdays.

We are recruiting all classes and especially transfers who are unable to find a raiding guild on their server.

Please send an in game message to Jazada or Sivandra for more information.

I’m on a different server but am looking to transfer because your raid times work a lot better for me. I’m a 60 holy paladin with mostly pre raid BIS. What other info can you tell me?

We could definitely use another holy pally. What other info are you looking for?


Recruiting for BWL. Raid times are Tues/Wed 1-4pm server time. Looking for Fury Warrior, priest and/or resto druid. Tight knit group trying to clear content and have a good time doing it. Send and in-game message for more details, look forward to hearing from you.

Back in BWL in a few hours. Still need healers and fury warriors. Any dedicated and reliable players will be considered regardless of class. Join the community! See you on Fairbanks!

Fairbanks has been unlocked and is now available to transfer to now. We are in need of mainly healers now. Raid times are still the same 1pm-4pm Pacific.