[A] <Two Shot>-Whisperwind 8/9M 8-11PM EST Tuesday/Wednesday

Smack that bump!

Bump it up!

Recruiting friendo tank and dps!

Still looking!

Any tanky boi’s pr pew pewy boi’s!

Still recruiting

Recruiting a tank! Also dps!

Still here, still looking BUMP

wanna see that body go bump bump bump

yes wamth pls i would like to see that

Still recruiting

Join ussss

Still recruiting dps!

Come be the DPS to my boss! I promise I don’t bite!

I miss BUMPer cars

Today I hit my leg on a *(&!;"! rail and now I have a BUMP.

Bumpity bump bump

Bumped It
I played with your heart
Got lost in the game
Oh baby baby… :microphone::star2:

Whatcha gonna do with all these bumps, all these bumps inside your trunk

I like the way you BUMP it,
No Diggity,
I got to BUMP it up…