[A] <Tragic Backstory> 8/8H 2/8M Recruiting Ranged DPS

Welcome to Tragic Backstory! Where the Story might be tragic but our sense of humor isn’t! Tragic Backstory is a guild comprised of ex-CE players that have done the whole “push till your eyes bleed” thing and are not looking for that but are looking for Mythic content! We are a mythic progression guild that has CE caliber players and are looking to solidify a 20 man roster to push into Mythics. The average age in the guild is early to mid 30’s so you’re looking at a “mature” group (depends on what you consider mature since we’re all a bunch of goofballs). Currently we are 8/8H and 2/8M and looking for the following classes to push into mythic but all exceptional DPS/healers are encouraged to apply! Currently filling 3 dps slots and 1 healer slot.

Raids: Normal(if needing tier)/Heroic/Mythic prog
Wednesday/Thursday 9:00pm - 12:00am Eastern
Mythic +: Ran Daily / Nightly = sitting in the 15-18key realm while we gear certain characters but going to be pushing in the 20’s range
PvP: Sorry player you on your own lol

Recruitment Needs:

Druid (Balance)
Mage (Any)
Priest (Shadow)
Warlock (Any)
Hunter (MM, BM)
Look forward to hearing from you! Contact info:
Discord: Blkdynamite#9232 Btag: Blkdynamite#1384

Bump bump bump.

Love these guys

Gz on 2/8 Mythic! 4/8 next week for sure!! Just need a few more consistent raiders…but I guess that is why we are here lol

9/10 dentists recommended.

Still looking for homies …

You all sound like big puhmpphers…

still looking for ranged dps

Hey all friendly bump and if you have any interest in joining, please send me a message through discord.

Discord: vladsbad#8940