{A} <Too Sweet> (Lightbringer) AOTC range DPS for SL

Newly formed guild on Lightbringer. Core members have Mythic Raiding and Heroic AOTC experience. We are a semi casual guild with focus on having fun and challenging ourselves to do the content. The guild is a mix of family, friends in real life, and people we met from past guilds. Our plan is to get AOTC as fast as we can and then enter and mix in Mythic raiding.
Our Raid days and times are Friday and Saturday 9-12 midnight Central time. That is 7-10 pm pacific time.

We are currently recruiting experienced AOTC and casual Mythic Raiders to come join our team in Shadowlands. Any quality player with links to there logs may apply.
We would prefer some of these classes.
Mage, Lock, Shadow Priest, hunter, and elemental shaman.

A top quality healer such as Resto Shaman or Mist Weaver would be considered.

Message me in game or through my Btag Jackymoon#1378


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