[A] <The Speela>

  • < The Speela > was created Day 1 of release. We’ve been up and running within the first few hours of the server going live. Many members have been together since early levels and have experienced the journey to 60 together. We’re looking for more active members.

  • Under leadership of multiple Vanilla/Classic veterans with vast knowledge of the game.

  • Currently building a core raid team, aiming to tackle MC, Ony, and other upcoming 40 man content. Have an experienced raid leader as well as experienced raiders who are more than willing to assist other members who may need guidance in mechanics, optimal specs for pve, itemization, etc…

  • Will be pursuing rank upon the release of phase 2. Daily groups that will chase down WPVP, fighting alongside their guildies.

  • Upon the release of battlegrounds, will likely be forming optimal premades. PVP will be led by highly experienced PVP’ers who are more than willing to assist members in maximizing their potential.

  • At the moment a strong majority of our members are nearing level 60 and will begin farming the various high level dungeons for pre-bis while we build our raid team. If you are around this level, we encourage you to join us to take advantage of the upcoming pre-bis farm, as well as guaranteeing you a spot in our core team.

All members have the ability to ginvite, so if you like what you’ve read above, PM any member for an invite, or an inquiry!


What exactly is a Speela?

The Speela has meaning to those inside it. It is a guild secret.

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Kind of like a Bebbit. I can respect that.

Yeah sounds like you guys raged out in your basements that “pupper pals” was taken so you brainstormed an obscure name that makes no sense whatsoever.

If you read the OP, you would see we were one of the first few guilds created. We had almost any choice except The Delightful Deviants

I am a member of the guild, and I am firmly convicted that we are the spleen.

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Been a member from 40-60 and its a great guild, fantastic community, people always online and willing to help each other. ez to make groups for dungeons. Looking forward to raiding with these people :smiley:

is a great place. Everyone is always willing to help out and such, there’s a discord. the GM (Shydagger) is super passionate about making sure everyone is having a good time and has what they need to succeed. Contrary to popular belief you do not need the work “Dagger” in your name to join. Win.

Just want to say I had a good experience with one of their number out in the wild. Upgrade and I were apparently doing the same quests in Redridge, so we grouped up and banged them out.

So little positive feedback hits the forums…

This is the guy who blew up LFG chat spamming for people to join his guild, asking for donations, and then plugging his twitch. Hard pass.

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+rep to shydagger