[A] <The Greybeards> Sun 630-1030PM - Mon/Wed/Thurs 8PM-12AM AQ40 9/9 - Epic Family!

< The Greybeards >
Two great raid teams filling spots for fast paced raids with high level execution.
Always accepting of all to join our family.

9/9 AQ 40

• 8/8 BWL ~45min
• 10/10 MC ~60min

-Raid Days
•Sun 6:30PM-10:30PM/Mon 8:00PM-12 AM EST
•Wed/Thurs 8:00PM - 12 AM EST

Raid spots open currently for Holy Paladin / Holy Priest on Sunday Raid Group. All other classes please feel free to apply and become a social member or trial to become active raider in Sun or Wed groups.

Loot Rules
• Loot Council
`Loot priority is established for classes/specs so all have clear understanding.

Our guild mission has been to clear the latest end-game (e.g. MC, ONY, BWL, ZG, AQ20, AQ40, NAXX, World Bosses…) content in a timely manner but not necessarily pushing for server firsts (been there/done that). Strive to have a tight community with minimum (i.e. minimum because there is always that “one” dude/dudette) to no drama, after all we are just here to have a good time. Strive to maintain a good reputation with the rest of the server. Push the from the most novice to the most veteran players to achieve higher levels of raid performance. Although we have our end-game goals, we will also open a guild community to casual players who can contribute to an active guild environment. Casual players will be able to participate in guild events, alt raids, optional raids but will not have core raiding spots.

**Apply today!!! >>>>> https: //forms. gle/swdtvekpHV9734zC9
Discord: DaGodslayer#0307 , Dran#9503

The Greybeards very much need some cool holy priests and holy paladins to join our ranks!

Server 2nd full clear, server first VISC!@!@!@ come on priest and pallies we can get you some bomb loot

But you’re third full clear and third visc…

Greybeards is the measure by which Horde measure Alliance guilds by the extent to which they are cowardly zerging trash.

For example, “The Steadfast is almost Greybeards levels of bad”


“The Way is even worse than Greybeards, if you can believe that”.