[A] <The Flying Hellfish> 15/15 Naxx is Recruiting

The Flying Hellfish are currently recruiting one mage, warrior, and paladin for our main raid on Sundays at 5:30pm PST with optional Monday raids.

If you are not one of theses classes or would like to apply on your alt, please feel free to reach out in-game to discuss with Syrencere, Kiraiceblade, and Skoof!

Who we are:

We’re a guild founded on day one of Classic’s release with a history of hardcore raiding in retail. Our atmosphere for the classic guild is casual and only slightly sweaty. We keep our raids fun while maintaining a history of clearing all raids the first week of release.

What we offer:

  • Summons to the raid to save your world buffs. Full world buffs are appreciated for your dedication, but ultimately not a requirement to raid with us!
  • Full transparency on our loot council and intended loot distribution.
  • A round robin style roll off of applicable tier 3 loot.
  • Open door policy with leadership on helping you improve at your role.

What we expect:

  • You bring DPS and resist consumables required for Naxx.
  • You bring knowledge of your chosen class and have made an effort to obtain the best gear offered to you.
  • You bring an attitude that loot is distributed to benefit the raid group.
  • You have fun and make friends along the way!