{A} The Fabulous Magic Show! (50,000 Gold Raffle, TODAY, May 22nd)

Title: {A} :tophat::star:The Fabulous Magic Show!:star::tophat:
Date: May 22nd
Time: 7:00pm (mg server time)
Location: Telaar, Nagrand, Outland
Discord: https://discord.gg/yDv24rxgtn
Addons: Mrp or TRP, Musician

Event Description: On May 22nd, at 7:00pm ((mg server time)) in Telaar, Nagrand, Outland; Xanoic Entertainment invites you come and experience a sight for the ages! Relax as you and your loved ones enjoy the Magic Show of the Century with Kahleem the Magician and his Fabulous Magic Show! This Fabulous Magic Show will feature a Dragon Fire dance to delight the eyes, a 50,000 Gold Raffle, Food and Drinks from the Hat and Talon Tavern, Fireworks, and of course magic !

Event Activities:

  • A Dragon Fire Dance

  • Magic Show

  • a 50,000 Gold Raffle

  • Food and Brew from the Hat and Talon Tavern!

  • Fireworks

:circus_tent:Concessions Stand::circus_tent:

  • The Hat & Talon Tavern - Food and Drinks

Event Timeline:

  • 7:00pm ((mg server time)) Lady Alice does some brief announcements, and The Hat and Talon Tavern opens their Concessions Stand.

  • 7:15pm ((mg server time)) Luw opens the show with a Dragon Fire Dance!

  • 7:25pm ((mg server time)) Smoke appears all over the stage and Umbry stands on the Podium and begins to play music as the Fabulous Kahleem the Magician appears! Emerging from the smoke and beginning the magic show!

  • 8:30pm ((mg server time)) The Magic show ends with a marvelous Fireworks Show from Lady Alice!

  • 8:45pm ((mg server time)) The *50,000 Gold Raffle Winner is Announced!

Thank you to:

  • Kahleem the Fabulous

  • Luw

  • Den Walden

  • Umbry Ravenspire

  • Thane Alice Dawford

  • Persefani DeSirrus

  • Xanoic Entertainment

  • The Hat and Talon Tavern

-The Blackwater Company

  • Our wonderful guests, like you! :heart:

Special Thank you to:

Our Donors:

Essithethief for donating 30,000 gold

Royal Victualler Thane Alice Dawford for donating 20,000 gold


Nothin like ah good brew and ah show! :beers:

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Now featuring a brand-new poster and 20,000 gold raffle as well!

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Love a good magic show!

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Sounds exciting! Maaaagic! sparkles

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I’ll bring mei good stein!

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Our raffle prize has been increased to 50,000 gold due to a generous donation of 30,000 gold by Essithethief! :sparkles: We also have yet another fun new event poster to celebrate this amazing donation! :sparkling_heart:

Prepared to be amazed :astonished:, to be wowed :sparkler:, and most importantly have a reason to not be in Stormwind. YAY! :mega:

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Two days away!

Sounds exciting!

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Just helping out, I think this is later today!

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Today is da daaay!!! :sparkles: