[A] <The Agnecy> Recruiting for P2

Hi there, we at the agency are looking for ranged dps and healers for our core raid group for SSC/TK! (mostly warlocks/resto droods not fussy tho)

We are a solid bunch of people who have been raiding together for a while and are pretty easy going but do like to clear the content. We will be raiding Wednesdays and Sundays 7:30pm server time.

We are happy to help gear up and do attunement runs for new players who either want to bring there main or alt to our guild and be apart of our runs.

If this sounds like something that may interest you and you would like to know more or have any questions please dont hesitate to contact KegStyle#2776 on discord!

Looks like it’s better to get it right the first time than to rely on an edit button xD

We are for clarity, thank you!