[A] <The A Team> Fri/Sat 10:15p-1:15a 8/9 AQ40 recruiting healers and DPS

Looking for a weekend raid team? The A Team is looking for players for core raider positions.

Now Recruiting:
We have about 3 core spots open to consistent players that are willing to work towards continuously improving their characters and performance.

  • Holy Priest
  • Holy Paladin
  • Warrior Tank
  • DPS Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Warlock
  • Mage

Raid times: /Friday/Saturday 10:15p - 1:15a EST and this will soon include all 40 man raids in these two nights. We also do several AQ20 and ZGs during the week on various days.

Goals: Our focus is on clearing all the content and promoting a chill raid environment. We work towards continually improving our own warcraftlog parses each week and get our raids done as smoothly as possible.

About Us: We have a dedicated core of players that have been raiding together for the past year. We have many people that have poop socked raiding content and been in top raiding guilds over the years, now our goal is to clear all of the raid content while maintaining a good work/game/life balance. We value good attitudes and a willingness to work towards self-improvement. You can see how we run our raids at: twitch.tv/caliphis/videos

Reach out to inquire further!
In Game: Caliphis, Janwin, Mooness, Zipz, AudrĂ­c, Teferi

Still looking for more!

Hello priests and paladins!

Looking for some cool level 60 people that want to kill dragons and get purples. High need for healers right now!

Still need healers, guaranteed Transcendence every lockout!

Still searching for some awesome healers to go into AQ/NAXX with

Still looking for a few more

Still looking for more! Inquire if interested in joining a great group!

Uncle Sam wants you!

For great justice!

Hello friends I’m Audric, one of your friendly tanks! Come kill dragons with us! Audric#1168

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We have about 5 core spots open to consistent players, could use a resto druid and some dps.

Joined the guild a few weeks ago. 10/10 experience. Would recommend. See detailed review on Yelp. If you’ve got the urge to raid, this guild would love to talk to you. Also deviate delight is a blast so if you want to transfer, by all means.

Have a high need for a resto druid, holy priest and a couple warlocks. Get your spot now before the AQ rush!

I been trying to find a server i could move my lock . Just would need to run a few things by you about my lock. I have not done any raids been wanting to find a guild i can have fun with .

Looking for some more dps and a resto druid!!

Hit us up in game or on realid!

The A Team clearing all raid content has a couple open spots for core raiders! We open recruitment for most class/roles but are especially looking for a Resto Druid, Holy Priest, and 2 Warlocks as well as any DPS role.

Bump day! reee