[A]| <Templar> Is Recruiting!| T/W/TH | 6-9 PM Server| DKP|

GREETINGS! Are you a skilled WoW veteran whose primary goal in Classic WoW involves killing Kel’thuzad with a band of the coolest bros you’ve never met? TEMPLAR wants you!

We’re a raiding guild with roots dating back to Vanilla where all content was cleared through Naxx. We aim to do so again. At this point we’re 10/10 MC, achieved Anathema’s server first Onyxia kill, as well as a Week 1 BWL clear (Anathema Alliance Top 5).

Our guild consists of a single 40 man raid team, with no plans for another. We are a tight knit group of friends, both old and new, that enjoy blasting through raid content and having a good time doing it.

We are currently seeking a few more skilled healers and melee DPS to round out our roster in preperation for AQ40:

1 Paladin (Holy)
1 Priest (Holy / Disc)
1 Rogue or Warrior DPS
1 Mage


T/W/TH 6-9 PM PST (Server)

Current Schedule:
BWL - Tuesday
MC / Optional Ony - Wednesday
Optional ZG groups on Thursday / Saturday

Tired of watching every Shadowstrike get Loot Counciled to the guild master’s e-girlfriends when you are the true master of Molten Core? We believe in fair and transparent loot distribution and use CEPGP for loot.

If we’ve checked all your boxes, and you know you’re the badass dungeon delver we desire hit us up TODAY!

Message an Officer for more info:

BNET: Florra#1931 DISC: Florra#2608
INGAME: Florra, Curic, Denth, Fatherscott, Myceis, Shunye, Xarik


Still looking for 2 holy pallys, 2 rogues, 1 fury warrior!

Come join the squad!

OP Updated:
After clearing through Broodlord Lashlayer with sub-35 on night 1 of BWL, we returned to finish what we started–one shotting Chromaggus and Nefarian to finish the first week of Blackwing Lair.

Still looking for:
1 Paladin (Holy)
1-2 Melee DPS
Exceptional players of all classes are welcome to apply!

We could use some more deeps ! clearing BWL easily

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We can’t wipe to nef even when our priests try to kill our main tank.

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Could still use one more good Pally and/or a Rogue!

bump, still looking for a few more to join the fun!

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