[A] Tempered is recruiting! 8/8N 7/8H Fri + Sun AotC focus

Our players have experience in all areas of content from AotC, 2400 arena rating, Keystone Master, Veilstrider, Hard modes, professions, etc. We participate in all areas of content. We are not a hardcore guild, but we approach every piece of content with a completion attitude and have yet to meet failure. We expect the same from our guild members. Due to limited schedules and a more laid-back attitude these days, our plan is to focus on heroic raiding each tier. While mythic raiding may one day become an activity we participate in, it is not a focus for us.

Our guild prides itself on helping people, both veterans and new players, to reach the goals they set for themselves. We teach raid and dungeon mechanics, dungeon routes, class intricacies, and much more. All we ask is that each member understands what is required of them to progress through content and comes with an open mind, be prepared for the content being done, and be willing to work together. The expectation is not that you play perfectly, but that you progress and improve.

The bottom line for Tempered is that raiding should be fun, but it should also be serious. Joking around, having conversations, and sharing a laugh is encouraged, but during the right times, while focusing at other times.

Our raid times are Friday and Sunday 9 - 12 P.M. EST.

We are currently recruiting one DPS, with a preference for a Rogue, Death Knight, Evoker or Mage for raid. All are welcome to apply for spots in Mythic+ and just a place to call home.

If this sounds like your type of guild then message me and let’s see all the content that Dragonflight has to offer together.

You can reach me at:
Bnet tag: Serenity#1266
Discord: Jay#6788

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We have Cake and Cookies!

Still looking for one solid DPS to round out the roster.