[A] <Tel Abim Banana Company> Looking For More to Join The Bunch!


Hi all, Aonis the Yellow King, and Rizznak the Big Banana at your service!

About Us:

The Tel Abim Banana Company is a PvE PvP (light RP) focused guild which is owned and managed by a tight-knit group of friends!

Our guild aim is to foster a casual-friendly group of skilled players who prioritize having a good time and taking things easy. Although we respect everyone’s time in raids, our ultimate goal will always be to have fun rather than speed-clear.

Therefore, we openly accept and encourage “meme” specs as well. We are happy as long as the content is cleared!

With this said, we do acknowledge the desires of competitive players and encourage them to apply. Simply put, we do not believe that one’s skill or commitment to the game must be synonymous with “tryhard” or “sweaty” environments where talking and joking is discouraged.

While we pride ourselves on our competent leadership, we support an egalitarian environment where all voices and opinions are heard and considered with equal attention.

Why Tel Abim?

1: S+ tier guild name.
2: A friendly and cohesive environment.
3: An open form-factor approach to communication both in guild, and in raids.
4: Transparency with all guild-based decisions (of which members directly influence)
5: Competent leaders who have led and cleared all current content.
6: A free stack of quality Tel Abim Bananas and a yellow shirt for every recruit.
7: All specializations welcome.

Raiding With Tel Abim:

Times: (all listed times are server-based)

4-7pm on Tuesday and Sunday (with the goal of cutting down to Tuesday only as we become more geared and experienced)

Roles: We are currently recruiting for all roles and classes.

Loot: Due to our smaller size we roll MS>OS with 1 item per boss. As we flesh out, we will eventually switch to DKP as our primary form of loot distribution. Legendaries are reserved for the guild but have no firm recipients yet.


  • A casual and hardcore friendly PvE and PvP guild comprised of many irl friends with over a decade of experience.
  • Open and equal communication
  • Competent raid leads with short explanations & clear direction.

Whether you are new to WoW or a seasoned veteran, we welcome like minded players with open arms. Thank you all for your time and consideration!

Those interested, please message or mail Aonis, Rizznak, Sæmundr, or any other member in game.

We hope to welcome any interested applicants into the bunch.

Tel Abim Banana Company peeling out!


Looking forward to some new comrades to help move that yellow!
Stay strapped folks!!


The release of WoW Classic was my first time playing WoW. Aonis and Rizznak are extremely knowledgeable about the game and have helped me develop greatly as a player in a short period of time. They are always willing to teach if you’re willing to learn, and will never look down on another player because of lack of experience. If you’re looking for a laid-back group of skilled players to grow and clear content with, this is the guild for you!


Rizznak here! Just giving another bump to the post, please feel free to reach out to Aonis or myself in game if you’re at all interested in seeing what the company of Tel Abim can offer you, we’re always down to chat!


Hi all! We’ve had some wonderful members join us through this post!

I just want to make a quick note that due to popular demand, our raid time(s) have since been moved back to 5 server

We are still recrutiing more, but are beginning to reach capicity for preists and paladins. :slight_smile:


gotta say, love the guild name.

kinda curious how RP in the guild plays out, do you guys RP as banana delivery people? fighting through hostile land just to ensure Tirion gets his Tel Abim banana on time?


Hi there,

Our rp is light and usually revolves around ensuring all guild members stay strapped with a stack of bananas at all times, in addition to pious use of banana related puns.

We hope that you can walk up to each and any one of us and receive a complimentary banana.

We move yellow, and our bananalytics are off the chart.


That’s awesome, maybe if I ever get around to actually leveling my priest I’ll park them in your guild, you guys sound like a great group.


Appreciated :slight_smile:

Feel free to let any of us know if you’d ever like an invite!


Join us! Become one with the banana!



Do you still have space for DPS Warriors in your raid team?
I have sent you an in-game mail Aonis.


Still looking for more Bananas to join our team.


Solid chaps here. I support this post!


Hello Bananas and future Bananas!
Just a quick update: Please note we have now Filled on the following classes:
Mage, Paladin, Priest

We are still looking for the following:
Warlocks, Hunters, Druids (Balance, Feral & Resto welcome!)

For any questions, please feel free to contact me in-game via whisper or mail.

Stay Ripe!


You guys should forge an alliance with T&F Ice Cream Constabulary for Sundae night raids.


Ran into some members of Guild in Ironforge over weekend and the entire day this was in my head. Thank you.


Hello Bananas!

Just a quick bump to reiterate that we are still looking for druids, warlocks, rogues, and hunters.

If you’re interested, please message or mail me in game!