[A-TBC] <Elysian> Recruiting (Raids Tuesday - Sat 9pm to 12:00 am EST)

Prove your worthiness in the eyes of the Gods by joining us against the merciless trials of our foes. A paradise reserved for the heroes immortalized by the gods await! Elysian awaits those who are worthy. Take up arms with us for P2 and become a true hero among men and the Gods!

Tuesday - 9 pm EST - Karazhan
Saturday - 9 pm EST - Gruul/Mag

11/11 Kara
2/2 Gruuls
1/1 Mag

Looking for that core group to progress in P2 with.

Here at Elysian our Guild Leader, Officers and members have a combined 20+ years of experience. While all of us play to kill bosses, we also recognized the toxic culture that has become all too common in WoW and decided we could provide an environment where people can kill bosses, get the lootz and have a blast joking and playing with their friends while doing it. We keep it drama free and pride ourselves on how helpful our members are. You need help in the middle of the day with that attunement quest? No problem! If you’ve been looking for a competitive but fun based ( we all play a game to enjoy it! ) environment where you can count on and actually like the players you run with, look no further!

Loot system - Loot Council

-able to learn/research strats on new content
-knowledge of your class; rotation, BIS items, full consumes, enchants and gems
-open minded and positive attitude
-loot should not be the sole reason you raid

NEEDS for the core 25 man
-Ranged DPS (warlock, spriest, boomchicken, all welcome)
-Healers (Shaman, all welcome)
-Tanks (Warrior, all welcome)

Feel free to message me on discord @ Sakamoto#3085