[A] Tank looking for a new home

Long standing Veteran of the game. Been playing since Beta but quit raiding Hardcore back after Draenor. Ever since then I have been guildless and just been playing with friends and pugs. While I will be more focused on M+ I dont mind raiding for a day or 2 during the week in the afternoons. I really want to hit Dragonflight with a home instead of just looking at Trade chat lol.

hey there! we are a newer guild looking for raiders we raid tues/thurs 8pm-11pm server. We also like to run mythics as a guild, do pvp, and many games outside of wow also! if your interested hit me up in game BNet: Edelian#1858

for some reason it wouldnt allow me to reply with my main lol the guild is on stormrage and alliance not horde

Saw in another recruiting post your not looking for tanks… thanks anyway.
Still looking

Hey Nuerosis, we are currently looking to fill our our ranks and could use another Tank. I will link my recruitment post here so you can read and see if you are interested. Please reach out for any additional information I would love to chat!

[A] Stormrage - Alliance
We are currently recruiting for a small tight knit team for [H] Vault of the Incarnates

—About Us—

We are a close group of friends in our mid to late 20’s with varying experience in the game. Most of us have done Mythic/Heroic raiding in the past and a few are new to the end game scene. We are looking to create a small community where we can have fun and still clear end game content. Our current goal is to get AoTC with a group of around 12 players.

*We are not looking at pushing into Mythic content at this time.


Our current goal is to jump into [H] Vault of the Incarnates week one! We will be assisting raiders to make sure that your ilvl is up to speed.

Raid Times
Tuesday: 8:30 -11:00 EST
Thursday: 8:30 -11:00 EST

—Recruitment Needs—

Tank: Recruiting for 1 tank
DPS: Need 3-4 dps have a healthy mix of ranged and melee so no preference as of now.
Healers: Recruiting for 2 Healers (no Druid)

—General Expectations—

  • 18+ looking to create a mature drama free space.
  • Show up to most raid days, if you cannot make it try to give at least 24 hr notice.
  • Willing to learn and take time to understand your class.
  • Open to constructive critisism and seeks help if they are not understanding something in game.
  • Seeking fun and cohesiveness as their first priority!

Please contact me for more information by responding directly to this thread or one of the methods below. I look forward to hearing from you!

B-tag Rubbershark#11470
Discord BlueCard#0913

Seems you recruited the other Tank, I appreciate the offer I guess I was too slow lol

Still looking

Bumping again, hoping to find something this week since the real fun starts next week

INTèNSè on Zul’jin is a laid back chilled environment. We are looking to Raid and do Mythic Keys as well. We are looking to Raid on these days and Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 945pm est until midnight.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions you can get back to us either via discord or btag.

Discord Code: YKR6cdG43H
Btag: Dreamer#12434 or Jabnhook#1551