[A]<Symbiosis>Sargeras-US 7/8H *1 night per week* Recruiting

Symbiosis of Sargeras-US was formed 3-15-07 and has raided continuously through each raid tier. We are home to many groups of players who found their way here through the years and ended up sticking around because of the exceptionally fun and inclusive guild and raid environment we provide.

Currently 7/8 Heroic in Eternal Palace on a 3-4 hour per week raid commitment. Regularly running M+ midweek with several groups pushing 11-15 keys depending on weekly affixes. Generally speaking: EVERYONE in the raid core gets a 10 chest every week.

We raid FRIDAY NIGHT 8:30pm-~12:00am (CST server)

We’re currently looking for a TANK (any class) and RANGED DPS, though anyone is welcome to reach out and talk to me if interested at Shadow#1113. We’re also very interested in small (2-7) groups of people who want to remain together in a new raid environment.

We’re NOT looking for players interested in hardcore or top end progression; though we will and usually do clear bosses in Mythic each tier, we are not looking to push for rankings or server firsts or anything like that. The guild is comprised of young adults/professionals who love and enjoy the game but are not willing or able to commit to a heavy raid schedule (Though nearly all of us have, at one point or another.)

TL;DR - Bunch of WoW boomers looking to bolster the Friday night 3 hour per week raid group with similarly skilled players. We’ve been doing this for a very long time and nobody memes while staying ahead of the PuG like we do.

Shadow#1113 for more info and interest.

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