A Sword Appearance Not in the Game

So there’s a set of one-handed Necrolord swords: Battle Tested Spellblade, Battle Tested Shortsword, and Battle Tested Longsword. They are the same as the other Necrolord one-handed swords, except they’re the same blue color as the plate “Unity” set. The drop source is listed as a quest, but neither WoWhead nor the game dev that responded to a ticket of mine have any idea where it comes from, and it seems to have not actually been added anywhere. I’d like to see this added, if possible, as I’ve been slowly trying to collect all of the Covenant-related items. I play Frost a lot, so it’d be nice to have this as another weapon option when I’m dual-wielding. I’m curious why this item was never added into the game besides in the appearances tab.

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Seen only as an NPC equipped item. Which is a common practice on Blizzards end. There was the dark steel Elite Alliance plate armor set from BFA they never released, reserved for NPC’s only as well.

Not likely to see this appearance made available unless a dev finds a way to sneak it into a loot table somewhere. Sometimes, rarely, item appearances like this find their way into the system down the road in another expac. Not sure how likely that is with a lot riding on Dragonflight not failing.