[A] <Straight Outta Varrock> AOTC 2/10M Filling out for Mythic

< Straight Outta Varrock >

  • is an established raiding guild on Stormrage that is recruiting for mythic progression. We are AOTC and have stepped into 2/10 Mythic. We are looking for experienced players that are looking to gear up and get ready for 9.1 patch. The plan is to go straight into Heroic next raid tier. During this time down time between patches, we will be developing the core raid team. If you were looking to switch mains or continue progressing on your current main, please give us a look.

Raid Days

Tuesday 9-12pm EST

Thursday 9-12pm EST

Alt night

Friday 9-12pm EST

Feel free to come to one of our nights to trial us.

-If you have any question or want to inquire more details please feel free to reach out to:

Discord: k1ngw0rth#3729 (Officer)

Bnet: Nezule#1831

Discord: Meme4Life#1756 (Gm)

Bnet: Meme4Life#1218 (Gm)

Hello its me GM :smiley:

Hello, I have an ad up but long story short, 210 prot warrior (have 226 2hnd so can off spec but want to play prot) who has a 221 warlock and 222 priest, is AOTC and 4/10m (went to inerva never even pulled sunking or xymog so can easily be 6/10M) and also a 219 enhance (sometimes ele/resto) with a 216 mage (he wants to play shaman just sometimes if needed for an off spec) looking for a raiding guild for 9.1. Were both AOTC and 4/10M. Also both KSM so getting gear isnt hard for us (my warrior is less than 2 weeks old at this point)

My in game name is Lukovä (Alt 0228 for the ä) or discord is Lukova#2626

Awesome! I sent you a friend request on discord whenever you’d like to connect and discuss.

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