[A] [Stormrage] <Unbelievable> 4/9M // All Level Raids & M+ Keys | WE WILL TEACH MECHANICS! 9-11 PM EST

Unbelievable is looking for players to join our small inclusive guild. We are open to any and all, and hope to accommodate all playstyles.

Currently our progression team is LOOKING FOR MYTHIC RAIDERS!. We do an unhealthy amount of m+ dungeons, as well as Amirdrassil clears weekly. Come join the fun!

Typical raid times are 9-11 PM EST, with M+ going on all the time.

Message Catsnake on Discord for more information, or simply shoot me a DM here :slight_smile:


What days are the Normal Clears on?

Hi Melrimm,

We clear normal on Sunday evenings at 9-11 EST :slight_smile:

That’s unbelievable!

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Hey there! Three friends and I are looking to find a group to raid with. We used to run a guild together many, many expansions ago at the semi-hardcore level.

386 holy pally
387 WW monk / enh shaman
396 arcane mage / 387 demo lock

We’d be happy to run normal with you to see how the raid goes! Add arcaneum#1109 if you’d like to speak more! Thanks.

(We’ve all been pretty serious mythic raiders in the past with lots of AOTC / CE achievements, just looking to play together and enjoy going through the content)

I sent you a discord message

Sorry, thats my battletag. Arcaneum#9973 is my discord

Arcshot, I can’t seem to add you on Discord, It’s giving me player not found.

Add me: Catsnake#3793. I also shot you a Request in-game :slight_smile:

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A truly unbelievable group who enjoy playing this game!

Yes. Our Druid healers are… Unbelievable :wink:

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Tomorrow night we’re hosting another learning raid! Come join us!

Happy to play wow with these goobers!

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It’s a chillax guild that somehow downs high level content. I give this guild three Dorito chips out of five hairy Kul Tirans.

Mr. Don tito spittin facts

Hi! I’m a level 70 fire mage, looking for exactly what your guild offers, if you can help me with mechanics, I’ll be with you guys to the end of time lol I’m always on, grinding away, would love to raid, etc, but doing pugs has been a bit of a…challenge lol feel free to w/ me in game if you have any questions, I’d love to be part of your guild. Also, I’m a squishy Canadian lol see you in game (crossing fingers)

Hi! Sounds like we have a lot in common. Hope to see you in-game as well!
You can contact me on discord - Catsnake#3793 or apply to the guild in guild finder :slight_smile: