[A]Stormrage Morning Mayhem: Morning / Midday raiding


Everyone have a good weekend


hello. hope everyone is having a great weekend


Still looking for anyone interested


bump :slight_smile:


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Lets get ready for some raiding


Oh my goodness! I’ve found my people!! the early birds to raid!! I thought it was just a myth…but here you are!!
serious note: 400 ilvl DH mythic lead experience in antorus and uldir. the only boss that has truely killed me is the “not enough people showed up to raid” boss. (seriously screw that boss)
my schedule has changed and i can only usually play mornings. I’d love to talk to someone about joining!


yeah, I will add you to to BT


Good morning everyone


Good morning! Just curious as to what classes the Insane Minions group needs? I have a 405 Shadowpriest and a 395 Demon Hunter. 9/9N 4/9H. I would prefer to play the DH but open to Spriest as well. Thanks!


we’re happy for people to play the class they love! Hit up the btags above and get in touch with Neme or Vu when in guild, we’ll happily find you a home :slight_smile:


You are all friggin awesome


Good morning mayhem


Hope eveyone is having a good weekend


Bump, Bumpity bump


still looking


looking for new peeps


Happy Monday


Good luck to all the raids this week


Excellent raid day, today. The heroic Conclave now lays dead at the feet of Short Bus. Insane Minions enjoyed bragging to Short Bus, for an entire week, that they were now the progression raid team and for all those that were on the short bus to get to the back of the bus while Minions took their seats. Way to go everyone


Come join our ranks