[A] Stormrage: <Genesis> - Tu+Wed 10-1230 EST - AOTC & 2/8M - Need WW Monk

AOTC complete 1/25! Working on Mythic progression.

2/8 Mythic
8/8 Heroic
8/8 Normal

Raid Schedule: Tu & Wed 10pm-12:30am EST

Genesis is an Alliance guild on Stormrage created by like-minded friends. We are a guild where members will cooperate to achieve goals while having fun. We currently seek M+ and Raid members for Dragonflight to progress through AOTC and into Mythic!


  • Grow an inclusive community where we can play games and have fun together
  • Growing friendships over progression and winning
  • Prepare for progression of AOTC in the first months of Dragonflight
  • Mythic raiding progression according to raider interest


  • Middle aged adults with jobs and families
  • People who want to play video games to relax and have fun
  • Still want to be successful and achieve some progress
  • Teach each other and learn together to become effective players of your class(es) & role(s)

Social Agreement:

  • Remember we are all here to have fun while winning
  • No drama or fighting
  • Respect for hierarchy of guild roles and leadership
  • Respect for diversity and inclusion

Raid Roadmap:

  • Start with Heroic difficulty on 12/13 (VotI release day)
  • Achieve AOTC by 2/28 (two months plus some holidays)
  • Begin Mythic progression at some point in Feb 2023
  • Down 5+ Mythic bosses by May 2023

Raider Expectations:

  • Strive for maximum attendance (75%+ required - if this is a problem, talk to us)
  • Show up on time for raids
  • Discord with microphone
  • Be prepared for raids (consumables, enchants, etc)
  • Preliminary research of fights if you haven’t seen them before (videos are shared in Discord)
  • Complete a M +15 every week
  • Main character in guild on Stormrage
  • Invites and attendance are in Discord

Raider addons required:

  • Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs
  • RCLootCouncil
  • Method Raid Tools
  • Weak Auras

Raid team recruitment Needs:

  • Tank: Closed
  • Melee DPS: WW Monk
  • Ranged DPS: Closed
  • Healer: Closed
  • Always willing to consider exceptional candidates!
  • Always need strong M+ players!

Loot Rules:

  • BOE rules: If you are going to equip the item, you must do so immediately. If you are going to sell it: you will trade the item to an officer and the guild will put the item on the AH. We will split the return 50% to the guild bank and 50% to the person who got the drop.
  • If Master Loot becomes an option, we will be distributing loot via Officer Loot Council.
  • During progression raiding, if you do not need the item, it will be distributed by Officer Loot Council.
  • Our goal is for all members to get loot. We want people to feel good about getting loot as we all progress together.
  • We will be reviewing attendance and performance.
  • We will reward overall contribution to the guild (M+, Guild Bank, Mats, etc.)

For more info or to apply, please contact:

damdifino#5943 (Discord)

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Looking for all DPS and healers!

Bumping on 6/27

Looking for all melee and ranged DPS!

Growing quickly! Have tanks and almost full on healers. Calling all DPS!

im interested for sure, just coming back to the game. willing to play any class needed. rogue is my main usually

We definitely need Melee DPS! Reach out on Discord or please send your name and I can add you.

Still looking for melee DPS and possibly a few healers! Look forward to hearing from you!

Have 6 people, can multi role everything.

Growing together quickly

Friday bump

Happy Saturday!

Looking for ranged and melee dps!

Have a great Independence Day weekend!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you all enjoy your long weekends! If you happen to be browsing the forums we’re still looking for a Holy Paladin, Balance Druid + more!

First raid tonight!

Looking for healers! Hpally, Hpriest and MW monk!

Had a good first week!

Still looking for healers and ranged dps!

Thirsty Thursday!