[A] Stormrage - <From The Ashes> LF DPS for Mythic Prog (3/8M)

Are you a player who loves this game, loves a challenge, and is looking to find a home with great people? We are an established 18+ guild since BFA, very active with keys, low and high, and looking for some reliable DPS to fill out our ranks for mythic progression. While we aren’t a CE guild, we are looking to push as far as we can in this tier. Highest needs are Warlocks, Death Knights and Paladins.

Our guild values a desire for continuous improvement, a respectful attitude towards others, accountability and reliability. Be good at your class, and always be looking to get better, while enjoying yourself and enjoying other people. Most of us are long time players, a lot of us have alts, and we are an inclusive guild in all respects. We also do occasional fun runs and achievement runs.

We try to be very efficient with our raids so we want people familiar with looking up boss guides, strategies, and doing log reviews post raid to see where you can improve. We are focused on providing a supportive environment where you can achieve new heights as a player.

Mythic Team: Dracarys (8/8H, 2/8M) Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:15-11pm EST.
Contact Cyraxi (Spyke#1484) in game: Needs: Warlocks, Death Knights and Paladins. or any exceptional player.

Are you more interested in AOTC/semi-casual raiding? We have a team for that too!

AOTC Team: Phoenix (8/8 H) Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30-11pm EST.
Contact Stiikyfists in game (clyde#1279)

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Terros down! - moving on to Sennarth tomorrow! Come check us out!

We are still recruiting! Come talk to us!

Have a group of friends that are looking for a new home due to the current guild not having raid openings. Including Prot Pally 2500 io 2/8M /Ret with dps alts; Holy Priest 2600 io 2/8m with hunter alt; Warlock 3k io 2/8 M with alts and two casual players. Love to chat in Discord and enjoy running with guild groups. Msg me in Discord Lustrousheals#9545 or Btag Sassy#11735