[A]<Storm Hammer>LF Range DPS & Hybrid 2 nights 7/8M


The basics:
• 20 man Alliance guild
• Based on Saurfang
• 7/8M Uldir
• Raid times: Twice weekly - Monday & Wednesday, 8-11pm AEST (server time +10 GMT)
• Website:

We are looking for:
• Skilled and committed raiders;
• Exceptional raid awareness;
• Maturity, punctuality and 90% + attendance;
• Knowledge of class played; and
• Fully gemmed/enchanted.

Currently seeking:
• A solid Hybrid DPS/Healer
• Range DPS - Mage, Warlock, Moonkin or Elemental Shaman

We will consider any exceptional DPS regardless of class as well as applications from social members. DPS with a strong healing/tanking offspec and players willing to multi-class are always highly desirable.

We are a small, stable guild (9 years old) run by experienced officers, with a great group of mature, friendly raiders with a down to earth approach to raiding.

If this sounds like the place you want to be you can contact Enchy (btag: enchy040#1882 discord: Enchy#6679) Lilliaath (btag: Lilliaath#6649 discord: Lilli#6226), Adal (btag: Adal#11409) or Amber (btag: Tieranix#11999 discord: Tieranix#6931)

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7/8M Woo!
LF Range and a rad DPS/Healer Hybrid!

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Looking for more! Contact me for more info Enchy040#1882


Will consider any exceptional DPS


LFM for G’huun fun times!

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LFM dps to fill out the roster


LFM - Range friends (probably full on boomkins)