[A] <Startlingly Retro> Fri Sat raids now recruiting core members!

Hi all!

Startlingly Retro is a weekend raiding guild on Fairbanks Alliance. Atmosphere is pretty chill and we see ourselves as casual to semi hardcore. A lot of alts running around as well as mains that are not 60 yet so grouping up should be no problem whatever your level range is. We have people from all over the world so (Philippines, Australia, etc…) so there’s almost always someone online!

We are currently 6/8 BWL due to some past roster issues. Core is around 30-man strong at the moment.

Raid schedule as follows:

Fri BWL - 630PM ST
Sat MC & Ony - 5PM ST
Mon Optional Cleanup - 630PM ST.

BWL and MC/Ony will be interchangeable depending on other factors. We are planning to rotate MC/Ony and ZG on Sat with an additional day for 2nd reset come Phase 4.

We are currently recruiting:

Holy Paladin - high priority

Holy/Disc Priest - high priority

Warlock - high priority

Other warm bodies - still a priority

All other classes are still welcome to apply, any level range is fine as well. As I said, we have a lot of alts running around leveling casually so there will almost always be someone within your level range.

If you’re interested please feel free to reach out to:.

Fairbanks IGN: Khreos or Sherbeb

Discord: Sher#0296

Btag: Sher#1254