[A] Squad - OG Guild LF Core Members

[A] Squad is an original Incendius guild that was built by a core group of RL and in-game friends on the first day of classic. We’ve always prided ourselves on the fact that we’re a fun place to hang out and play the game - whatever you want to do (PvP, PvE, Casual, etc). Throughout Classic we raided one day a week (Sundays @ Noon). Shoutout to Dirty Mike for always messing up the World Buffs. Our TBC schedule is currently up for discussion, but no one is interested in any hardcore commitments.

We would normally finish out whatever instance in 2-3 hours, while doing all the usual stuff that made our runs most efficient (butt pulling, pulling with no healer mana, DPS popping off before tanks are even in place, DPS pulling aggro and losing world buffs upon stepping foot in the instance, hunter multi shots/serpent stings on CC packs, many curse of agony slots, and the list goes on.)

A handful of the core members have returned for TBC (former PvP Glads and general try hards) and we’re starting to hit 70, do Normals and get ready for Heroics/Raids. With that said, we’re looking for any Druid/Shamans of all specs who want to join an active core. A Druid Tank looking to be a MT/OT would be excellent. Healers of all specs can feel free to reach out as well, but we seem to have DPS covered.

Reach out to myself, Synot, Aldeion, Yachty, Ipothas or drop a line here.