[A] <Soulbound> AOTC focused LF DPS

[About Us]
We’re a fun, friendly, social guild. Our focus is currently on completing AOTC for each raid tier and doing M+ dungeons. We also hang out on Discord, do events, and play games together.

We raid Friday and Saturday nights from 10PM to 1AM Server Time (EST).
Current Progression: CN 10/10H, SOD 10/10H, SFO 11/11H

[Looking For]
Requirements: 90% attendance, discord, deadly boss mods or bigwigs, ilvl 270.

  • Tanks - Closed
  • Healers - Closed
  • Melee DPS - Open
  • Ranged DPS - Open

We ask that raiders show up to raids 15 minutes early for invites and are in discord. We require everyone to have food, flasks, potions, enchants, and oils/stones, however we usually provide feasts, enchants, and cauldrons.

[Contact Us]
If you are interested in joining us or have any questions about our guild, please feel free to reach out to any of our officers thru BNet or in game: Silvercloud (Silvercloud#1207), Wolfsbanne (Gwendabell#1674)

We’re still searching for some DPS =)

AotC DK here (iLvl 211) who is looking for weekend group. If interested, add my btag (buckeyes#11437).

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Still recruiting DPS slots. Currently progressing thru heroic Sire Denathrius into phase 3.

We’re still on the look out for some more dps to add to our roster!

Bumping for SoD Heroic raids. =)

Still looking for some DPS for heroic sanctum!

We still have some room for some friends to join us in raid =)

Got room for some more raiders who wanna clear Heroic SoD with us!

Now 9/10H SoD. Still on the lookout for raiders =)

Bumping, looking for a few more.

Still could use some more DPS for raids! ^^

Bumping. We could still use some friendly DPS for raids!

Still recruiting!! ^.^

Got space for DPS looking for a cozy small community focused on AOTC!

Bumping ^.^

Bumping this up. We’re currently is our down phase of doing alt and achievement runs/m+ and some other fun community activities. We’re definitely looking to recruit more friends for Sepulcher!

Still looking?

We’re starting up recruitment again in prep for patch 9.2.

bumping for 9.2 recruitment =)