[A] <SomethingWittyandClever> Recruiting 6-9pm Tu/Th raid

To All Who Are Interested:

My name is Burnsey and I am the recruitment lead for the guild SomethingWittyandClever aka SWAC.

SWAC is comprised of like minded raiders who enjoy raiding content and pushing parses on a weekly basis. We enjoy our time together and give all members of the guild the opportunity to speak their mind. Our leadership is a democracy of many different class leads and guild leaders who combine for most decisions that work best for the guild as opposed to a single GM running the show. We are incredibly prepared and communicative as well as professional in our approach to content.

We currently are recruiting ALL classes for our main BWL raid team with the exception of:


Our current recruitment goal is to bring in any and all players interested in pushing parses all while having a good time and making the guild a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Our guild runs a balanced DKP system with weekly decay as to eliminate hording of DKP and encourage all members to upgrade their gear as the guild progresses.

We currently raid Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-9pm PST with invites starting at 530pm. We expect all raiders to attend each raid or post in our MIA channel in discord if something comes up that conflicts with the raiding time.

If you have any questions at all or are interested in the guild feel free to add me on Battlenet Burnsey#1181 and I can discuss more specifics with you.
Thank you for your time!!