[A] Something Shiny 6/8M lfm dps

dazar alor here i come

Updated post… just looking for a monk dps now. :slight_smile: WHERE ARE YOU MONKIES!

no more gnomes pls

new raid yay \o/

Sorry Jaina

Updated post with new needs.

@Narec, at least Jaina was badass! :ship: :snowflake: :cloud_with_snow:

I would be interested! 392 shadow/holy priest. Added on bnet

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time to push some KEYS

Where da DHs at?!?

LF demon hunter to teach me how to eye beam

look we can be demon hunter buddies

It’s almost MONDAY \o/

I know you havoc mains are out there

I got trampled by lots of big people on Mekkatorque! It hurt! :disappointed_relieved: :pensive:

mekkaporque :pig:

I’m ready to get some LOOT

double looting mythic champion twice in a row but still not getting the helmet >:[


It’s Saturday!

Edited original post to open up recruitment again for 1 dps. Any dps considered. :slight_smile: