[A] <SOMA> 11/11M US 76 Tues-Thurs 8-11 Any player of any role

About Us

SOMA was an alliance guild on US-Magtheridon that formed in 2013. We recently moved to US-Stormrage We started doing mythic content in EN, previously achieving AOTC in MoP and WoD. We are a laid back guild with our goal for each tier to mprove from last tier. We do not allow any toxicity in our guild. We do heroic or mythic alt run on Tuesday as an off night but is not required to come. Our age ranges from 22 to 35, but the average age is about 26.

Raid Times

SL Raid Nights

Tues-Thurs 8:00-11:00 pm EDT

Wednesday 7:45-11:15 pm EST
Thursday 7:45-11:15 pm EST


7/7 M EN
2/3 M ToV
9/10 M NH
7/9 M ToS (2% Avatar)
11/11M Antorus
8/8M Uldir US 584
9/9M BoD US 352
8/8M AEP US 227
12/12M NYA US 185
10/10M CN HoF US 98 / World 335
10/10M Sanctum HoF US 98 / World 300



Arms/Fury War
Demo Lock
Multispec mage player


Strong logs (75%+ and minimal mechanical errors)
BFA / SL CE experience
90% Raid Attendance

Guild Application

h ttps://forms.gle/2QV5Cts2zV8ABfyM8




LF exceptional players who are fun to game with

6/11m with a “clean” kill on lihuvim and our prototype reclear last night.

45% prog on halondrus!

lf gamers to game with

lf gamers to game with

lf gamers. halondrus dead this week! 16%

8% on halondrus last night. Kill tonight?

1% on halondrus Sadge. Lf good players!

revert the halondrus nerfs

revert the halondrus nerfs

lf gamers to game

lf gamers still

lf gamers to raid with

lf gamers to raid with

lf gamers to raid with

lf gamers to raid with. Anduin dies tonight maybe?

7% on anduin it dies next raid!

Anduin dies tuesday!

7% on lords. LF good players.